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Why are you different from Home Advisor or other lead companies?

All of our appointments are exclusive and scheduled with top decision makers or primary influencers. This saves time and money in ensuring your company meets with serious buyers to convert them into customers. Our main lines of service include lead generation (identifying decision makers that match your target buyers), appointment setting (booking sales meetings with qualified prospects), and data-related solutions (collecting and compiling actionable intelligence on your target buyers).

Where are you located?

Our headquarters is located in Phoenix AZ. This affords us the opportunity to work effectively and efficiently in multiple time zones simultaneously.

Who will handle my campaign and interact with my customers?

Initially, the owner will handle all marketing and product training. Subsequently, each agent is a seasoned sales professional with a minimum of 15 years inside and outside sales experience. All is expert at funneling questioning techniques to extract sales information such as; Need, Desire, Timeframe and what they would like to achieve.  This distinguishes and identifies serious buyers interested in your product or service. More importantly, we are an authority in elimination persons with no intention of making a purchase. If they would not drive to an appointment, they will not waste time sending you or your staff.

How can you guarantee your agents will represent us effective and communicate our product or services?

We specialize in setting appointments for service industries or professional services we are familiar. Financial and business services may overlap into residential referrals; however, home services are not our primary market.(with the exception of purchase and home sales. Our agents possess an extensive level of communication, professional proficiency and courtesy across all B2B products and services. In addition, 4 Niveaux teams are specialists in providing high quality appointments that provide solutions. This allows your staff to sell and create urgency persons most likely make or influence a decision.

What do you consider a qualified lead or appointment?

A qualified appointment is a scheduled meeting with a target decision maker or top influencer based on the criteria you defined before the meeting. Depending on their responses to probing questions, qualified prospects are identified as designated decision maker or high-ranking influencer. Completed leads are prospects who demonstrate interest and fit for your product, while qualified appointments are confirmed and have agreed to meet representatives from your company prior to the scheduled appointment time. They will have agreed to set aside time to engage and discuss the project in depth.

Why does your lead cost appear to cost more than other companies?

Just as you, we take our business seriously. If we make a commitment to you, to providing the best services in the industry, we must also commit to compensating properly to attract to best talent. There are some companies who may feel our cost are too high, our response would be that maybe the expected standard and confidence in sales staff for excellent leads may be too low.