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  • Appointment Setting
  • Set highly qualified appointments for commercial and professional service businesses via inbound inquiries. 4 Niveaux appointment teams are former sales representatives. Each is expert at determining interest level prior to providing an exclusive appointments with decision makers or primary influencer responsible for making an immediate purchase.

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  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Prior to your appointment, our staff will reconfirm time, date, and reaffirm interest and timeframe of purchase for your product or services. This saves time, money and provides a secondary opportunity to ensure you receive only the highest quality appointments.

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  • Appointment Follow-up
  • Our company will follow-up with potential customer after the appointment to determine why they did not buy. This provides insight of your sales staff to offer additional training or revisit the appointment. We will also determine when a purchase decision is possible.

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  • Customer retention and referrals
  • After the purchase, we contact your customers for positive reviews, cross selling opportunities and potential future purchases. We provide your company with customer referrals and offer discounts on future purchases.

4 Niveaux Appointment Team

4 Niveaux Lead Generation

We have a combined 112 years of commercial and in home sales expertise. We specialize in lead generation, confirmed appointment qualification and outbound B2B and B2C sales leads. Our versatility and product knowledge of your business allows us to qualify based appointments based on your specifications. WE SPECIALIZE IN SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS WITH PERSONS OR COMPANIES WITH THE EXPRESS INTEREST OF MAKING A PURCHASE.

Unlike Home Advisor or Contractor.com, each appointment is exclusive to your business only. We save you time and money by qualifying your appointments prior to you receiving them. Many years of B2B telemarketing experience allow us know when to determine if a sale is imminent. More importantly, we understand that our success is dependent upon the quality of the appointments we provide our clients. We will work with your clearly identify how success is defined in your organization.

Let’s face it, most sales appointments are not followed up on. Usually, a company’s appointment costs range from $275.00 to $475.00 each when factoring website development, direct mail, print ads, fuel, employee hours making calls and visiting appointments seeking a price with little urgency to purchase. We solve this by making that determination when setting appointments with decision makers or primary influencers complete with purchase timeframes and expert questioning techniques.

4 Niveaux understands that companies and individuals purchase solutions to current problems. We engage your potential customer in a friendly and advisory conversation about the problems they have. This allows you to determine whom best to dispatch to appointments. We are experts at developing trust in your brand and specialize in expediting the sales process.

It is critical that we are providing a positive interaction with each contact. The quality of information we provide is essential to creating a positive customer experience to foster an environment of trust. Our appointment teams provide insight, which illustrates we understand the challenges or issue organizations are faced with.

When choosing 4 Niveaux, to assist with scheduling your appointments, you have accepted the Gold Standard in customer interaction. You need a firm specializing in setting appointments you can sell. Our management professionals prepare effective call guide (scripts) and make recommendations for improvements to maximize the number of appointments you receive through our B2B and B2C telemarketing and lead generation services.



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