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About Us

Why choose us over Contractor.com or Home Adviser?

4 Niveaux is an industry expert in full service lead generation and appointment setting for professional and service industries. It was conceived to provide businesses with qualified buyers willing to make an immediate purchase. Appointments and leads are generated through a vast array of direct target marketing. Each appointment is qualified by seasoned commercial and residential sales professionals with cutting-edge technology to ensure fast delivery and guaranteed purchase time frame.

Unlike Home Adviser, each appointment is set by our staff exclusively for your company or product. Our service is designed for professional and service businesses interested in closing sales quickly. We specialize in qualifying potential buyers prepared to make a purchase decision. (We do not supply names and numbers of potential customers who may purchase your product or service some day.)

We confirm and guarantee each lead and appointment for the best possible outcome. This approach saves your business time and money by eliminating curious persons or businesses with little to no intention of making a purchase. 4 Niveaux provides appointments most likely to sell during the first visit at highly competitive customer acquisition cost. This allows you to focus on selling your product rather than spending time and money searching for prospects.

Each of 4 Niveaux expert appointment teams are experienced sales professionals. We specialize in identifying the psychological purchase motivators of need, want, desire or fear of not buying. Each members primary responsibility is on providing your company the very best selling opportunity for your product or services.

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Provides feedback on non purchases with expected purchased dates and reasons a purchase was not made. This allows you the opportunity to provide additional training to strengthen and train your sales staff to sell more frequently and gain insight and knowledge about your buyer.

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Provides Post-Close services and expert follow-up about service, conflict resolution, referrals and 5 star google ratings from satisfied customers. This is an additional opportunity to grow your business and improve online reviews and reputation while you focus on managing growth and profitability.

Niveaux serves companies Nationwide in many service industries including: Home Mortgages and Refinancing, Commercial Security Cameras and Surveillance, Commercial Roofing, Painting, Stucco, Concrete and Asphalt, Heating and Cooling, Landscaping, Carpet Cleaning, Snow Removal (on the east coast), Solar, Electrical and Plumbing. We help businesses accelerate market capture and revenue growth with serious buyers.