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Commercial Industries


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Commercial Industries Include: Concrete, Asphalt, Roofing, Painting, Stucco, Landscaping, Commercial Security Camera Systems Alarms, Electrical, Solar and Plumbing.

Lead Description:
Company or Individual with sincere interest in your product or services has agreed to provide and receive a confirmation email of a scheduled appointment with you.
Confirmed Appointments Description:
We personally confirm each appointment 24 hours in advance. In addition to confirmation email, we will solidify time, date, product interest and “purpose of meeting” (POM) recap and representative introduction. Confirmations will include “interest level grade.” for prioritization of appointments and timely follow-up.
*Pricing is calculated on cost of marketing
*Leads and Confirmed appointments (are) provided within (5) business days of purchase
*Leads and Confirmed appointments (not) provided within (5) business days will receive lead credit


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